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Welcome to the future of video sharing social media. Phlokk App is designed & operated in the USA. Phlokk app will be the new video sharing social platform for all your entertainment & advertising needs. Scroll the CKT aka “Cool Kids Table” and find the next BIG creator. Become an instantly verified creator as a Founding member and receive many perks. The Phlokk app will be designed and built with Java and Swift code. Two codes, two different platforms. Google Android and Apple IOS. If you ever thought about being able to advertise your small business online in front of millions of potential customers as a verified creator, now you can. Come join the fun and get Phlokk Verified today!

Our Mission

Are you tired of being banned on TikTok? Put in a cyber jail? Are you tired of feeling unappreciated and shoved into a private corner on the app, no friends see your content? Are you tired of seeing bullies, child groomer accounts and trolls run wild with hundreds of thousands of kids following them!  Continually reporting obvious violations and they still keep their accounts!

We know you all want to support and help out in the building phase process. We will not hold you back from helping out. You may now invest in a Founding Member Position. After all we want the same thing you want. peace, fun, smiles, laughter, friendships, family, a safe haven, and 17+ only. Get ready to be excited! A new adventure awaits us all!

Announcement: The Phlokk app is not downloadable at this time. We are still in the funding process of the build. Once we have collected enough funding for the start of the creation of the Phlokk app we will announce it LIVE on TikTok. There are NO REFUNDS after 30 days from date of purchase.



Become instantly verified when you purchase a Founding Members position. Receive a blue checkmark next to your username on the Phlokk app. This can help with future paid sponsorships, instant celebrity status and future creator marketing incentives on the platform.


Only 20,000 Founding Member positions available. All 20,000 Founding Members will instantly follow each other on the Phlokk platform. You may NOT unfollow a Founding Member. However, there will be a "Not Interested" option which hides the other creators videos from showing up on your feed.


Once you invest and become a Phlokk Founding Member, your username and digital icon will be added to the list of Founding Members on our site. No need to create an extra account, we will place your username in a verified creator database.


Go Live the moment the app is installed on your device. Founding Members will be able to Go Live and receive gifts on the first day the app is released to the public. If you do not wish to be a Founding Member you can wait to download the app for .99 on the app store. You will need 500 followers in order to Go Live.