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Mission Statement

Do you feel unappreciated and pushed to a private corner on social media, where no one can see your content? Tired of seeing bullies, child groomers and trolls with hundreds of thousands of followers? We are too! It is for this reason that Phlokk was created.

Phlokk is your home away from home, that's why it's been nicknamed digital heaven. On the Phlokk platform, you are guaranteed to have fun, be entertained and enjoy your time. We do not allow bullying, hate, racism, or any other kind of hateful act towards another creator. If anyone is removed from our platform, it is for a good reason. Any creator who has been tormented, bullied or hated for no reason online knows how it feels, to feel less than. If anyone is hateful they will be banned for life. Phlokk is not just a hub for short-form videos, Phlokk embodies true entertainment, whether you are an inventor, dancer, musician, foodie, comedian, youtuber, sports fanatic, actor, poet, lip syncing king or queen etc, there's a plethora of entertainment right in the palm of your hand.

We are not just a one trick pony when it comes to the digital age of sharing videos either. We allow our creators to sell music directly to the creators who use their music to create content. All you have to do is set up your artist portfolio in your private dashboard and you are selling music worldwide to millions of creators who use your music to create amazing and inspirational content on our platform.

Not only do we allow other musicians to sell their music, we also allow creators to create business profiles to sell direct to the business feed content creators on Phlokk Market. The Phlokk platform also has a market place for all the entrepreneurs of the young world. Sell t-shirts, tumblers, jewelry, paintings, art or anything you can dream up. Start out as a start up company and then move into an established brand with a monthly subscription to advertise to other businesses on our platform. We have a subscription tier for every level of your unique business.

Be yourself and enjoy a hate free atmosphere as you create the next big viral video. Admin will always be one click away with our 24 hour admin support system. Want to make a report, just click the report button and a live investigation will take place immediately with real human interaction.

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Join Phlokk Today!

Purchase a Phlokk Verified Founding Member position now. After all, we share the same values as you: peace, fun, smiles, laughter, live admin support, true friendships, a safe haven for those who have been bullied online, and an age limit of 17+ only.

Founder Perks

Instantly Verified

Receive a blue Verified checkmark next to your username on Phlokk app. You can use this as a marketing incentive for future paid sponsorships, instant celebrity status, and future creator marketing incentives on the platform.

20,000 Founders

Only 20,000 Founding Member positions available. All 20,000 Founding Members will instantly follow each other on the Phlokk platform.

Digital Icon

Each Founders username and digital Verified icon will be added to the list of Founding Members on our site. No need to create an extra account, we will place your username in a verified creator database.

Go Live & Gifts

All Founding Members will be able to Go Live and receive gifts on the first day the app is released to the public. If you do not wish to be a Founding Member you can wait to download the app for $0.99 on the app store.

Platform Perks

iOS and Android

Phlokk app will be available for iOS and Android OS internationally.

Anti-Hate Platform

Phlokk will not tolerate harrasment of any kind to our creators. If you are found to be in violation of a hateful act you will be removed from our platform immediately and indefinitely.

Live Admin

Phlokk will have Live Admin support on our platform for the safety of our creators. Once a creator files a report, a full investigation will be set into motion by our secuity team. Creators will receive guideline infractions for malicious reporting.

Phlokk Market

Search businesses by location, region, or business name. Find a business in your area to support and do business with. Find local mom & pop shops retailer’s in your area to collaborate with. Entertainment feed will not show Phlokk market ads.

Sell your music

Phlokk will allow musicians to sell their own music from our platform, linking your music to the fans directly from the sound bar. Phlokk takes no percentage of sales

Phlokk Music

Phlokk has a music division and we are looking to sign popular musicians, bands, and acts to Phlokk Music Division. Gain popularity by showing up on our Rising Stars video feed.

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App Design

Business & Entertainment

Two Feeds One App

Search businesses by location, region, or business name. Find a business in your area to support and do business with. Find local mom & pop shops retailer’s in your area to collaborate with. Entertainment feed will not show Phlokk market ads.

Zero tolerance policy for hate

No trolling or hateful act of any kind Offending user will be banned permanently and IP address blocked.


Free Advertising

Founders receive FREE ADVERTISING for LIFE on Phlokk Market.
Grow your business professionally and get to know your customers better with verified reviews.
Run ads on the Phlokk market business feed.
Get in front of thousands of other businesses/creators looking for your products.

Insta-gifting for everyone

Set a blaze to other creators post to help them gain traction to the rising stars categories feed.

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The Phlokk app is not downloadable at this time. We are currently in the beta testing phase. If you would like to be a part of the beta testing phase, please send in a ticket to admin or Contact Us for any other questions you may have.