Founder Icon Position


  • Free shipping on all orders in USA
  • 7 days MBG

Receive a blue Verified checkmark next to your username on Phlokk. You can use this as a marketing incentive for future paid sponsorships, instant celebrity status, and future creator marketing incentives on the platform.

{ 20,000 FOUNDERS }
Only 20,000 Founding Member positions available. All 20,000 Founding Members will instantly follow each other on the Phlokk platform.

Each Founders username and digital Verified icon will be added to the list of Founding Members on our site. No need to create an extra account, we will place your username in a verified creator database.

All Founding Members will be able to Go Live and receive gifts on the first day the app is released to the public. If you do not wish to be a Founding Member you can wait to download the app for $0.99 on the app store.

All Founding members will receive login access to a private Founders back office where they can review orders, search Founder wall, change update information, receive personal notices from Phlokk admin, view adoptions and reach Admin Customer Support 24/7 with our state-of-the-art ticket support system.